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A Happy Team

Watching the Call Centre this week got me thinking about how you can ever really measure the feeling of those that work for and alongside you.

How do you know that your staff are happy? How do you make sure they don’t get the “Sunday evening feeling of dread” and how can you make absolutely sure your team feel motivated, appreciated and rewarded?

Of course we cant all get our teams belting out Mr Brightside midway through the day or start an office band like good old Nev but at BM it’s the small things that matter and really help to create an authentically happy team.

Nev’s got it! Not just because he makes his team laugh, has respect and is approachable and personable but because he invests in people. He can spot someone struggling a mile off. This was apparent when he redeployed members of his team into roles that probably weren’t even required. Just to give them a lift and refocus. A good guy… A clever guy!

At BM we have our own strategy of keeping our people happy and buoyant. No gimmicks or silly incentives just a clear goal of a happy team and the strive to deliver. Basic principles apply to each and every person and singing to the same sheet helps us to achieve this.

The Beautiful Minds Promotional Staff Strategy

TEAMWORK- Working together to staff events and make sure that we deliver the very best in event staffing, by calling on all of the team’s strengths and experience.

RESPECT: Appreciating each others abilities and a bit of give and take goes a long way in making sure our team feel valued by everyone in it.

LAUGHTER: At BM we laugh A LOT! Laughter gets us through our busiest days (and our quietest). It unites us, strengthens our core values and makes us real people.

REWARDS: Whether it’s a pat on the back, a thank you, a team dinner, a lunchtime glass of wine or paid time off BM make sure staff are constantly at the forefront when success it bestowed upon us. We are a team and we act like one, whether in the office, at an event or in personal time.

There’s a lot of love at BM HQ for both our office and field team and that’s the way we like it…

Now back to work…..and “smile when you dial!”